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Who We Are

Welcome to Tashman Home Center, a family-owned business with a rich history of quality and service. Our story began in 1959 when my grandfather, Charles Tashman, and father, Mark Tashman, arrived in America, laying the foundation of our legacy from the back of their 1957 Plymouth. In 1962, “Tashman Screens” was born on Santa Monica Boulevard, the same location we proudly operate from today.

For over 60 years, Tashman Home Center has upheld the principles of quality, value, and exceptional service that my grandfather instilled in us. Today, we're more than just a neighborhood hardware store. Our inventory boasts over 20,000 items, and our online store, Tashman Ace Hardware, offers an impressive selection of over 60,000 products. Specializing in a wide array of doors, windows, screens, and glass services, we are your ultimate destination for home improvement needs. Our meticulous approach to installation, repair, and replacement has established our sterling reputation among both homeowners and commercial clients.

Whether you visit us in person, browse our online hardware store, opt for in-store pickup, or have your items shipped directly to your doorstep, Tashmans offers a diverse range of products and services. If you need installation, repair, or replacement of doors, windows, screens, or glass, you'll find a wider selection and more convenient shopping options than ever before at Tashmans!

Welcome to Tashman Red Carpet Treatment

My Grandfather always told our customers: "Don't pay twice when you can get it done right the first time."  To remember that important notion, we initiated the Tashman "Red Carpet Treatment" Program. It’s all about the important experience you can expect by working with a family-owned and operated business that puts the needs of your home or business first. After all, with over six decades of expertise, Tashman Home Center is your go-to destination for every style of doors, windows, screens, and glass services. Not only that, our meticulous approach to installation, repair, and replacement has earned us a sterling reputation among homeowners and commercial entities alike.

The Tashman Installation Guarantee

Our valued customers benefit from the exclusive Tashman Installation Guarantee. As a Licensed General Contractor (#298720 since 1961), we pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship, executed by our expert teams without subcontractors. We specialize in custom installations in various home areas, ensuring perfection the first time, backed by our steadfast guarantee. This is not just a commitment on paper but a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Your Neighborhood Home Improvement Store

Family-owned and operating  in West Hollywood since 1961, we now serve homeowners from Malibu to Los Feliz. We also specialize in serving property management companies such as Eberly Company, Decron, Ritz Properties, Beaumont Company and many others. We are active in charitable services and foundations. We donate and work on projects for LA Aids Ride - Jewish Free Loan - LGBTQ International - HPOZ to save and preserve our communities.

We would still like to see you!

We encourage you to come by and say hello (there’s free parking at the rear of the store), meet our friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff, and see what your neighborhood home center looks and feels like. We promise you that you’ll never get lost or be treated like a stranger at Tashman’s.

Let's get started so we can get you a quote or schedule a consultation.

You may have been recommended to us by one of our many satisfied customers, or you may have searched online for a "home improvement store near me.” However you found us, we're happy to welcome you. So go ahead and contact us by filling out this online form or call a member of our sales team at (323) 656-7039 to set up a free consultation or request a no obligation quote.

Sepia picture of Kenny Tashman with Grandpa Charles Tashman and my Father, Mark Tashman outside our Santa Monica Blvd store.
Me with Grandpa Charles and my Father, Mark
Little Kenny hammering a nail into a piece of wood at about age seven.
My Father, Mark, had me helping out around the store when I was about seven years old. My pay was 25¢ an hour. Not a bad living for a seven-year old. But, there was a lot more to it than earning an honest wage. I received something money can’t buy, an education. Back in the day, every neighborhood had a local hardware store. We told a quick joke and got you in and out of the store with the right product you needed the first time. Today, we still service our customers like in the beginning, but our jokes are no better.
Tashmans - Your Neighborhood Home Improvement Store for over 60 years!
Tashmans - Your Neighborhood Home Improvement Store for over 60 years!
Tashmans - Your Neighborhood Home Improvement Store for over 60 years!
Tashmans - Your Neighborhood Home Improvement Store for over 60 years!