Exploring the Benefits of HPOZ and Preservation

An HPOZ, or Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, designates areas in cities with historical, architectural, or cultural importance. These zones enforce specific zoning rules and design guidelines to protect the area's character and heritage, necessitating approval for significant property changes to maintain its historical integrity. 

HPOZs serve to safeguard architectural heritage and cultural identity, fostering community pride and continuity. Beyond regulations, historic preservation initiatives provide property owners with financial and technical resources to rejuvenate historical properties, with accessible economic incentives at local, national, and state levels.

Preservation offers a wide range of benefits to communities and society as a whole:

  • Cultural Heritage Conservation: Preservation ensures that our cultural heritage, including historic buildings, landmarks, and artifacts, is safeguarded for future generations. 
  • Economic Impact: Historic preservation can stimulate local economies. Restoration projects create jobs and can revitalize neighborhoods, attracting tourism and boosting property values.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Renovating and reusing existing structures can be more environmentally sustainable than demolishing and building anew. Preservation reduces waste and energy consumption.
  • Community Identity: Historic buildings and landmarks often serve as focal points for communities, contributing to a sense of identity and pride. They can become gathering places and symbols of shared heritage.
  • Architectural Diversity: Preserving older buildings and architectural styles adds diversity to the built environment. It helps maintain a varied and interesting urban or rural landscape.
  • Continuity and Sustainability: By preserving and reusing older structures, we ensure their longevity and sustainability, reducing the need for new construction and the depletion of resources.
  • Historical Research: Preserved documents, archives, and buildings serve as valuable resources for historical research, contributing to our understanding of the past.

Tashman Home Center proudly holds the designation of an approved HPOZ Vendor. If your property is situated within one of the 33 designated Historic Preservation Overlay Zones in Los Angeles, you can rely on Tashman's expertise to guide you seamlessly through the HPOZ approval process.

Our specialization lies in the meticulous restoration and replacement of windows and doors using historically accurate materials and styles. At Tashman Home Center, we possess a profound understanding of HPOZ requirements, enabling us to assist you in providing the essential information needed to secure approval from your local HPOZ board.

Trying to Understand the LA HPOZ Program?

Kim Tashman
Kim Tashman

Kim Tashman holds a Masters Degree from the USC School of Architecture in Historic Preservation/Heritage Conservation.

At Tashman's, we know the HPOZ process back to front. Kim will help you through the entire process of board meetings, city approval processes, architectural layout design approvals, and all of the customary layouts and the various steps involved. The Los Angeles’ Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) ordinance, passed in 1979, allows a neighborhood to petition the city for designation as a historic district. If the designation is approved, any significant changes to structures within the zone require special approval from a panel made up of residents, a realtor, a contractor and an architect (the "HPOZ Board").

As of early 2017, City Council has designated thirty-three neighborhoods as HPOZs, ranging geographically from San Pedro to San Fernando and varying in size from two blocks to areas encompassing hundreds of structures. Additional proposed HPOZs are in the pipeline. To the right are some helpful links to improve your understanding of the HPOZ program and some of the resources available to you as a property owner.

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