How to Install Closet Doors 

Transform your living spaces with the sleek, space-saving design of sliding closet doors. Ideal for California homes where maximizing space is key, sliding doors offer a stylish and practical solution for separating your closet from the rest of your bedroom without sacrificing valuable floor area. Tashman Home Center takes pride in offering an extensive selection of closet doors, with sliding doors being a top choice for their ease of access and optimal space utilization. If you’d like to know how to install closet doors, keep reading.

Step-by-Step Installation for a Seamless Update

To seamlessly install your closet doors, follow these steps.

Gather Your Materials.

Begin your installation project by collecting all necessary hardware from your trusted local store. Ensure you have the sliding doors, track rollers (two per door), and, if applicable, the correct door handle hardware, including all screws, for a complete installation. Consult with store associates to double-check your list.

Start at the Top.

Start by installing the top track on your door frame. Pre-drill holes with a smaller bit than your screws for a tight fit. Then, attach the rollers to the doors.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Installation is smoother with an extra pair of hands. Get help to guide the door rollers onto the track. Tilt the inside panel slightly for a good fit.

Secure the Bottom Track or Floor Guide.

Next, secure the bottom track or floor guide. After the doors glide well on top, add the floor guide or lower track. Pre-drilling before securing ensures a perfect alignment and operation.

Why Choose Tashman Home Center?

At Tashman Home Center, we’re your partner in home improvement. Our expert team is here to guide you through selecting the perfect closet doors for your home, ensuring you get both the functionality and style you desire. With a vast selection and professional installation services, we make upgrading your home effortless and satisfying.

Embrace the elegance and practicality of sliding closet doors and make a statement in your living spaces. Visit Tashman Home Center today and discover the perfect solution for your home.

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