Upgrade Your Historic Home with Replacement Windows

Los Angeles is a tapestry of rich history and architectural diversity, particularly evident in its Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs). These designated areas safeguard the architectural and cultural narratives of the city’s cherished neighborhoods. Tashman Home Center, a recognized HPOZ vendor, is at the forefront of preserving these stories through the restoration and replacement of historic wood windows. Committed to maintaining the authentic appearance and integrity of these structures, Tashman Home Center combines traditional craftsmanship with modern expertise to ensure that your home retains its historic charm while incorporating contemporary comforts.

Preserving Los Angeles’ Historic Charm

Los Angeles is renowned for its distinct, historically rich neighborhoods, where the architecture tells the stories of the city’s past. In these neighborhoods, many homes boast original wood-framed windows that range from simple single-hung styles to more elaborate designs with leaded or stained glass inlays. Preserving these features is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly.

Why Preserve Historic Windows?

The Los Angeles City Planning Commission, along with the City Council, has established Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs) to protect the unique architectural and cultural characteristics of these historic areas. With 35 HPOZs and counting, the commitment to maintaining the integrity of these communities is clear. Restoring or replacing historic windows is crucial to preserving the distinctive look and feel of these homes, contributing significantly to their character.

Expert Assistance from Tashman Home Center

As an approved HPOZ vendor, Tashman Home Center specializes in the restoration and replacement of historic wood windows. Recognized by the Los Angeles Conservancy as a Resource Professional for HPOZs, Tashman provides expert guidance throughout the approval process. Whether you’re restoring or replacing, we offer comprehensive services, including providing necessary documentation like drawings, samples, and designs, all tailored to meet HPOZ standards.

Connect with Your Neighborhood Tashman Team Today!

With over 40 years of experience, Tashman Home Center is adept at navigating the intricacies of historic window replacement in Los Angeles’ HPOZs. Our team ensures that every aspect of your window project, from design to installation, aligns with HPOZ guidelines and your personal aesthetic goals.

You may have been recommended to us by one of our many satisfied customers, or you may have searched online for “HPOZ near me.” However you found us, we’re happy to welcome you. So go ahead and contact us by filling out this online form or call a member of our sales team at (323) 656-7039 to set up a free consultation or request a no-obligation quote.

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